Top sleeper SkyCab - Lamar

Top sleeper SkyCab

Rest in the starlight

A spacious and comfortable SkyCab sleeping cab is a combination of a design with functionality and ergonomy. Owing  to the thus unparalled dimensions, we’ve been able to attain comfort close to perfect, which due a modern shape and exceptionally arranged interior, places our cabin at the top of such products.

Capacious and light interior

Improving every day comfort of use of the sleeping cabin is one of our top priorities when designing and building solutions. Driver spends a substantial amount of time in the sleeping cabin. Quality of the rest contributes to their daily performance. Therefore the two pivot windows let more light into the cabin and make it seem bigger. The finishing materials used by construction of the cabin are of highest quality and high scrub resistance.

Additional equipment options

Design of the sleeping cabin and its size offer above-standard options for additional equipment for the interior. When setting up the tarpaulin platform we recommend extension with aerodynamic outdoor solutions. In order to avoid undesired air turbulences, extensive drag and therefore increased fuel consumption we recommend such bundles as for example side fairings or additional deflector.

Additional equipment

  • Piping and halogen lights

    More and more drivers treat their vehicle bodywork, combined with the sleeping cabin or colourful tarpaulin, as an element building the image of their company. Drivers know that it is worth to stand out from the crowd by investing in such services as for example ads on the tarpaulin. Piping and halogen lights add to the visual qualities of a vehicle, although in the case of the latter more important than improving vehicle look is increased safety and visibility of the entire vehicle for example when driving in adverse weather conditions.

    Rallye 3003 Compact halogen light by the renowned Hella company or Wessem lights ensures high parameters in all weather conditions. A compact version of popular halogen light is installed on the piping located on the sleeping cabin.

    A substantial majority of our clients chooses the set composed on halogen lights and glare shield

  • Side fairings

    Driver who decides to order SkyCab sleeping cabin can add to it side fairings as part of a project adjusted to the entire bodywork. This solution is popular among Clients as an element of a complete set with platform-based bodywork. Side fairings reduce undesired air turbulences triggered by the stream pressure onto the front side of platform-based bodywork.

    Functional features of this item are identical as in the case of the crest. Additionally painted in a color based on brand’s template become a discreet yet appealing element of the entire bodywork.

  • Additional aerodynamic spoiler

    The standard platform-based bodywork is approx. 2250 mm long equal to the sleeping cabin. The driver does not need additional deflectors. However what happens when they decide to invest in a larger size platform? The total height will increase. The space exposed to increased air drags also increases. Additional deflector, as shown on the image below, reduces undesired air turbulences which contributes to reduced fuel consumption.

Name of the cabin sleeper Car brand Length (mm) Widht (mm) High (mm)
LAMAR SkyCab Fiat Ducato
Citroen Jumper
Peugeot Boxer
MB Sprinter
Iveco Daily
Volkswagen Crafter
Ford Transit
Renault Master
Opel Movano
2100 1150 940