LAMAR Spoilers up to 3.5 tonnes DMC - Premium quaility in whole europe

Roof spoilers up to 3.5 tonnes DMC.

Quality and functionality appreciated all over Europe

Roof deflectors are one of our first products. Thanks to nearly 25-year-long experience we are a strong and significant manufacturer of this sort of solutions in Poland. Usable properties of highest quality roof deflectors are appreciated by the drivers all over Europe. Good design should also be practical. Each deflector enables optimum adjustment of its height to vehicle’s bodywork. Their structure enables also adequate adjustment to cooling aggregates. What are the real benefits?

Firstly savings

Aerodynamic shape of our deflectors ensures users reduced air drag by at least 18% and lower fuel consumption by at least 10 %. The design and shape of the deflectors highlights vehicle’s dynamics and each protrusion, pumping or cavity on the driver’s cabin is continued on the side fairings.

Safe assembly

Assembly of deflectors for delivery trucks is carried out based on assembly holes, prepared by most of manufacturers on the roof planking. We strictly follow manufacturer’s guidelines and do not interfere with manufacturing reinforcements. Deflectors for delivery vehicles are installed on a special sealing mass.

LAMAR roof deflectors – Reliable structure

Medium-sized vehicles (above 3.5 t) and large tractor units have deflectors adequately reinforced with a metal structure that not only perfectly complement the vehicle body, but also are stable, safe and reliable. Metal frames are powder coated which additionally protects them against corrosion.

Cutting-edge technology

LAMAR deflectors are made based on state-of-the-art thermoforming technology. This allowed us to reduce the manufacturing time for the ready product to minimum and enhance the aesthetic qualities: deflector’s surface is smooth on both sides. We care about the environment. Such technology is friendly to the environment due to possibility of recycling the leftovers from the production process.

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