Sleeping cabin LAMAR Back Sleeper -

Sleeping cabin LAMAR Back Sleeper

Available for the chassis from five makes

Sleeping cabin LAMAR Back Sleeper – the solution which made its debut in 2015 is currently one of the largest and most comfortable sleeping cabins on the market. The product was the effect of nearly 25 years of experience of LAMAR company in constructing vehicles integrated with LAMBox driver’s cab. The solutions has been extremely well accepted and appreciated among our clients. Each day the Back Sleepers family is getting bigger.

What is so special about the new LAMAR Back Sleeper cabin?

Each BackSleeper cabin is available in three variants: Back Sleeper, Back Sleeper MAXI with a single and double bed. Most of all they are distinguished by the space which was achieved as a result of removing the back wall and roof of driver’s cab. Implemented modifications increased driving comfort.

Air-conditioned space

The sleeping space which is not separated from driver’s cab enables to use the standard installed air-conditioning and enjoy better ventilation in the entire sleeping space.

Lower fuel consumption

The cutting-edge bodywork with aerodynamic shape substantially reduces fuel consumption. The cabin was designed in such a way to reduce air drag while driving. It significantly contributes to lower fuel consumption.

Available with LAMAR bodywork

In the standard version the sleeping cabin (colloquially called a backpack) has one bad located beside driver’s and passenger’s seats. It is possible to supplement the cabin with additional upper bed. A great advantage is use of (similarly as in SkyCab cabin) the front window which serves as a sunroof and evacuation exit.

It’s worth remembering that Back Sleeper sleeping cabin is not offered as a single product, and only in complete equipment with LAMAR bodywork. We encourage you to browse through our products catalogue which contains all the technical data and specifications.

Kabina sypialna LAMAR Back Sleeper - Największa w swojej klasie

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Additional equipment

  • Glare shield

    The shield is a specialist glare cover made of highest quality polymethylmethacrylate. The shield is made with thermoforming technique which ensures high precision as well as ideal reproducibility. It is addressed to drivers of delivery trucks up to 3.5 t.

    Sun protection
    Polymethylmethacrylate is extremely resistant to intense sun exposure and temperature changes. Thanks to use of proper dyes the glare shield disperses sun rays but it also lets the light through without limiting driver’s field of view.

    Thanks to long-standing track record in automotive industry we know a lot about the road traffic and its safety. With excellent knowledge of our clients’ needs we have created a product which not only serves as a nice accessory, but first and foremost improves driving comfort. Thanks to its properties the shield disperses sun rays becoming an indispensable product on longer routes at times of intense sun exposure.

  • Piping and halogen lights

    More and more drivers treat their vehicle bodywork, combined with the sleeping cabin or colourful tarpaulin, as an element building the image of their company. Drivers know that it is worth to stand out from the crowd by investing in such services as for example ads on the tarpaulin. Piping and halogen lights add to the visual qualities of a vehicle, although in the case of the latter more important than improving vehicle look is increased safety and visibility of the entire vehicle for example when driving in adverse weather conditions.

    Rallye 3003 Compact halogen light by the renowned Hella company ensures high parameters in all weather conditions. A compact version of popular halogen light is installed on the piping located on the sleeping cabin.

    A substantial majority of our clients chooses the set composed on halogen lights and glare shield.

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