Side skirts for Trucks -

Side skirts

Safety and aesthetics

The last element of a complete aerodynamic package are the side skirts manufactured by LAMAR, designed to optimise the aerodynamics and driving comfort. Assembly of the side skirts contributes to the reduction of fuel combustion by min. 5% through reduction in air resistance – bringing real advantages for vehicle owners.

Safety and aesthetics

Our side skirts meet the requirements of European standards relating to road safety (protection of cyclists). As in the case of sleeper spoilers, we make every effort to ensure that our side skirts are characterised by a modern design, perfectly matching the particular vehicle brand.


High quality and beautiful design are highlighted by the fact that at the customer’s request we paint the side skirts using any acrylic or metallic colour, so that each of them is adjusted to the overall appearance of the vehicle, improving its aesthetics, but also constituting a very practical feature, compatible with the original purpose of the side skirts. Sometimes the elegant finish takes the form of aluminium finishing strip and characteristic stairs made of tear plate.

Side skirts adapted to individual needs

The functionality also constitutes for us a real challenge, this is why the LAMAR side skirts can be tilted, opened and carefully matched to each wheel base, which should result in their adaptation and interaction with any vehicle. The racks for our side skirts are powder-coated, which additionally protects them from corrosion. In our offer you will find side skirts for trucks and light commercial vehicles of all makes.