LAMAR service – for own and third-party products:

  • Qualified staff,
  • Ethics and responsibility,
  • Appropriate equipment.

Dear Customers,

We currently provide the following services for you:

  • Service – for own and third-party products
  • Consultation with experienced technical service advisors,
  • Inspections before the warranty expires,
  • Sales of spare parts,
  • Warranty service inspections,
  • Post-warranty inspections and repairs of Lamar bodies,
  • Post-warranty inspections and repairs of domestic and foreign bodies up to 3.5 t GVW,
  • Liquidation of damages (in the non-cash and cash system),
  • In the case of damage, no-cost delivery of the car to the Lamar service, after the repair is completed, own pick-up or removal on preferential terms,
  • Technical advice on the operation of bodies,
  • Pre-sale inspections,
  • Technical inspection of used car bodies,
  • Paint repairs
  • Installation and partial and complete repair of body walls, floors and spouts,
  • Diagnostics of heating,
  • Installation of additional elements such as:
    • GPS,
    • Reversing cameras,
    • Televisions,
    • Toolboxes,
    • Stoves and kettles,
    • Elevators,
    • Heating,
    • Pneumatic cushions,
    • Electronic controls,
    • Cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of built-ins and relevant components,
    • Technical and sales training for showroom staff and end users.