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The second type of LAMAR Cool vehicle bodies are the refrigerators ≤-20°C for light commercial vehicles of up to 3,5 t gross weight. Vehicles equipped with our refrigerators are the perfect means of transport for distribution of all kinds of frozen foods, ice cream, as well as medicines. The latter, as we know, are very demanding in terms of maintaining a constant temperature regardless of weather conditions. Therefore, for the more demanding customers we have the LAMAR Cool refrigerator vehicle body with a matching refrigeration unit, so as to ensure the security of transported goods, since they way in which they will be transported may affect human health. Therefore, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service department or a selected sales representative.

Better than a vacuum flask

Refrigerators for vans, similarly to our isotherms, are manufactured in the form of ready-made “sandwich” panels, constituting the perfect reflection of internal feature lines of a van. After assembling the body, almost all of the indentations are filled with polyurethane foam (PU), which reduces to a minimum the occurrence of areas with the largest temperature loss.

Thanks to proprietary technology and precise production, we can pride ourselves in the best result of ATP tests in Poland of K≤0.32 W/(m2K). Therefore, both isotherms and in LAMAR Cool refrigerators can be used with side sliding door, without the need for mounting additional ones, and the rear door can be opened even from the inside due to the ready-made handle, which has not been removed. Since we introduced the LAMAR Cool STIs to the market, the story about drivers locked in the vehicle body is just a myth.

LAMAR Cool Systemic Thermal Insulations

LAMAR Cool Systemic Thermal Insulations can be disassembled piece by piece, without the need to rip the whole body apart. After bodywork repair, the part that has been disassembled before can be re-mounted in our shop. You save both time and money, and after the re-assembly the vehicle body is like on the day of receipt from the showroom.


Thanks to the excellent insulation of the LAMAR Cool refrigerators, which was confirmed by means of the ATP certificate (K≤0.32 W/(m2K)), the matching refrigeration unit will be less likely to start up, and thus will use less fuel. Also the operating parts of the unit will be like new for a longer time.

Each vehicle body can be additionally equipped to meet Customer requirements. Please contact us in order to obtain a detailed offer.

Additional equipment

  • Kurtyny paskowe

  • Punkty szybkiego mocowania ładunku

  • Dodatkowe półki

  • Agregat chłodniczy

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