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The variety of LAMAR vehicle bodies knows no limit. The next type are the isothermal containers. They owe their popularity mainly to good thermal insulation properties, especially during hot or cold days, when the transported goods require a constant temperature. The reliable structure of isotherm vehicle bodies is made of sandwich panels of a proper foam thickness; the whole structure is covered with a polyester glass laminate in white. Insulated floor is covered with the highest quality Marothaan screed,the texture of which can be selected with regard to the method of transporting goods. Such a body structure, along with a matching refrigerating unit, will ensure the safety of the transported goods, regardless of whether they are flowers or food products.

Any LAMAR body can be upgraded with respect to the individual needs of our Customers. If you want to have an offer prepared with properly selected refrigerating unit, please feel free to contact us.

Additional equipment

  • Adjustable Side or Back Stairs

    Practical and convenient in use – these two features favour adjustable stairs available in container bodyworks. Made of galvanized steel and mounted by the back lock. Upon the client’s request we adapt solution in side doors. Stairs are kept inside which increases everyday comfort of work. This makes loading goods inside the container much easier.

    How do stairs work:

    back and side stair container

  • Load Fixing Bars

    Load fixing bars mean larger functional benefits outside of the vehicle. Very often it happens that the kind of transported goods (e.g. chests, small containers) requires better security for example against undesirable movement. Investment in practical load fixing bars seems legitimate. Their number depends on individual needs. Bars are fixed in a rounded slat.

    The rule of operation has been presented in the following video:

  • Axial Bodyworks

    The main task of the axial bodywork is optimising the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The real benefit for the driver is reducing fuel consumption by minimum 5%. Practical values of the bodywork result in the improvement of driving experience. It is particularly important when the cargo area is fully loaded. Visual aspects can be increased by painting the bodywork any colour, acrylic or metallic.

  • Subdivision Wall

    In bodyworks of LAMAR there is possibility of installing special subdivision walls that allow transporting goods requiring different temperatures or which have to be transported separately. We offer two options of the wall: permanent wall installed in conformity with the client’s requests and moveable walls that can be moved on two guides on side walls; their location can be freely changed.

    See how the sliding wall works:

  • Load Fixing Slats

    Special slats mounted on walls of the container constitute the foundation of the load fixing system that the lock bar is inserted in. Number of used bars is free. An additional option is possibility of purchasing quick fixing points.

    Load fixing system may include several types of slats:

    • rectangular
    • semicircular
    • dropped
    • convex
  • 750 kg Tail Lift

    A tail lift in LAMBox bodyworks is a popular combination which is being used more and more often by the delivery companies. The reason for choosing such solution is, among others, the need for:

    • increasing the loading and unloading possibilities,
    • shortening time of routine actions,
    • increasing comfort of work,
    • increasing an opportunity of maximum use of the entire bodywork,
    • loading of large-scale goods.
  • Side Doors of 180° Opening Angle

    Character of transported goods or the scope of all-day-long logistics process determines the type of equipment inside the container, but also external equipment. In order to make the side loading and unloading process easier we recommend using side doors of 180°.

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