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Lamar Cool Isotherms

Isotherms for vans

Lamar Cool isotherms

One of the two types of LAMAR Cool vehicle bodies are isotherms ≥0°C. Isotherm is recommended mainly to those who in their course of business deal with, among others, the transport or distribution of goods requiring relatively stable positive temperatures and adequate air humidity, sensitive to temperature changes and requiring constant, precisely adjusted temperature. Such products may include, among other things, cold cuts, vegetables, fruits, as well as flowers, for the transport of which, in addition to the LAMAR Cool isotherm and the properly selected refrigeration unit, it is also important to apply the independent heating of cargo space due to the required high transport temperature of +25°C.

Isotherms for vans – full functionality

LAMAR Cool isotherms are made of panels that are the perfect reflection of the van’s inner panelling. The polyurethane foam (PU) fills in almost every feature line, thus reducing the occurrence of thermal bridges. It is mainly our proprietary technology (the Polish Patent Office no. P-389635) in conjunction with precise manufacturing, that contributed to obtaining such a low (the best result in Poland!) heat transfer coefficient of K≤0.32 W/(m2K). Such vehicle body parameters allow for the use of side sliding door without the need to mount any additional ones. Thanks to that the vehicle user will be able to load or unload the goods in an easy and fast way. Noteworthy is also the fact that the rear door handle has not been removed, so the accidents of being locked in the van can be avoided for good.


The outer side of LAMAR Cool vehicle body is covered entirely with fibreglass-reinforced laminate. Based on our experience, we concluded that during road accidents, despite the destruction of the lacquer coating or light dents in the metal sheet, the vehicle body is not destroyed. Naturally, in such situations it is necessary to disassemble the bodywork. However, all is not lost because the LAMAR Cool isotherm offers the possibility of dismantling individual vehicle body elements, without having to rip the whole structure apart. Such a service can be realised in our shop.

Safe for human health

LAMAR Cool Systemic Thermal Insulations (STIs) meet all standards of the National Institute of Public Health – the National Institute of Hygiene, the Institute of Food Safety, in accordance with the approval no. HŻ/D/00237/13. Thus, our vehicle bodies do not pose any threat to human health. Therefore, they are ideal for the transport of food products.

Additional equipment

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