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Horse Trucks

Reliable transport and comfortable journey for a horse.

One of the many adaptive possibilities of LAMBox vehicle bodies are the bodies for the transport of horses. With the experience gained over the years on the Polish market and abroad, and also thanks to the opinions of users, we have created a solid horse truck that is safe for the driver and the animal, with a distinctive modern design.

Safety first

Transport of horses is a gentle and demanding process, and that the precision with which we approach the task is not only an expression of respect for the horse, but at the same time our showcase. LAMBox adapted for the transport of horses not only enables a safe and secure transportation of the animal, but also provides it with a comfortable journey. Nowadays, much attention is paid to the welfare of the animal, and each product must be prepared in respect of the rights of animals, with regard to their health, safety and dignity. We can safely say that the LAMBox vehicle body is adapted to the requirements of the twenty-first century and will fully satisfy even the most cautious and caring horse breeders.

Once we have confidence that the LAMBox vehicle bodies for the transport of horses meet the needs of the animal itself, we focus on the additional values,such as supply of accessories. Our vehicle body includes the room for saddles and harnesses. It also has installed ventilation, drinkers, feeders and special lighting, constructed so as not to irritate the horse. Horse trucks based on LAMBox body are an ideal solution for the lovers of this wonderful species.

Marki kompatybilne z produktem

A Rozstaw osi 4035
D Szerokość pojazdu 2100
B Długość pojazdu 6265
C Wysokość całkowita pojazdu 3020
E Próg załadunku 665
Część ładunkowa [mm]
K Szerokość wewnętrzna 2036
H Wysokość wewnętrzna 2320
L Długość wewnętrzna 3612
Z Szerokość między nadkolami 1390
Objętość 17 m3
Alkowa (wysokość x szerokość) 680 x 2100
Waga 2450 kg*
S Wysokość stopnia 350
R Szerokość trapu 1700