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Food Truck

Our version of your mobile restaurant

LAMBox is one of the key and most representative achievements of LAMAR. It was designed according to users’ needs and vision of comfort which can be felt when driving a delivery truck.

Versatility and functionality

Food Trucks are created to fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers who wish to run a mobile catering business. One fitting and numerous possibilities, and the only limit is a customer’s imagination. Therefore, we offer a possibility to adapt the interior to any kind of catering. We equip the interior comprehensively from the smallest detail, through appliances to multimedia. A vehicle designed in such a way is extremely versatile, and most importantly, one of a kind.

Solution for any industry

During the design process of the interior, we take into account not only meals being served or products being offered, but also users’ comfort. All aspects of the interior ergonomics are consulted with a professional team of cooks.

Only after determining requirements of a given kitchen, interior arrangement takes place together with the customer and the construction department.

High quality of fittings

Mobile restaurant is a product which requires individual fittings.

Ergonomics are essential, as any cuisine has its own requirements. We equip our vehicles in the highest quality products. It guarantees that serving various specialties and using the vehicle is a daily pleasure. At any time and place.

Marki kompatybilne z produktem

A Rozstaw osi 4035
D Szerokość pojazdu 2300
B Długość pojazdu 6800
C Wysokość całkowita pojazdu 2730
E Próg załadunku 590
Część ładunkowa [mm]
K Szerokość wewnętrzna 2235
H Wysokość wewnętrzna 2110
L Długość wewnętrzna 4300
Z Szerokość modułu A 1400
Objętość 20 m3
Alkowa (wysokość x szerokość) 640 x 2100
Waga 2425 kg*
S Wysokość stopnia 350
R Szerokość klapy bocznej 3900 **
P Wysokość klapy bocznej 1200 **