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Custom Vehicle Bodies

The LAMBox bodies for light commercial vehicles provide unlimited possibilities. From standard body for the purpose of transport, through horse trucks, mobile shops, to courier trucks… and that’s not all. LAMBox vehicle bodies are an ideal solution for any design, both with the interior, as well as the exterior qualities. They are also a great advertising medium that will not remain unnoticed.

No limits

LAMBox vehicle body, due to the endless ideas of our Customers, has already been transformed into mobile workshop with lathes, specialised body for the transport of flowers, as well as a truck for the transport of llamas. LamBox also served as a “wardrobe” for suits, bakery, mobile medical point… What else can we do? LAMBox may be just one, but the possibilities are endless…

Additional equipment

  • Back Trap

    One of many ideas for developing the process of loading goods of different weight and dimensions. Single-element trap has elements allowing for entering the studio, e.g. rubber thresholds. An example of using the back trap may be a vehicle’s configuration to transporting quads or motorcycles.

    Together with the slats for fixing load inside, the bodyworks entirely meets the driver’s needs.

  • Shelves

    Product popular with distribution, delivery, logistics, and transporting companies. Construction mounted on one side or both sides of the bodywork.

  • Roof Skylights

    Mounting a transparent roof is an example of lowering the weight of the construction and increasing lighting of the cargo area. In the roof there are roof lights mounted made of laminate. A large space of transparent material perfectly lights up the cargo area during the day.

  • Other Solutions Made on Request

    One body – so many possibilities! A slogan that best describes LAMBox bodyworks is a reflection of broad adaptation possibilities of the product. If there are solutions a client wants to introduce or adapt bodyworks to its needs, we are open to suggestions and potential wishes.

  • Backup Camera

    Backup camera constitutes an additional equipment in the process of adapting the van. It is used during manoeuvring vehicles in any direction. A small setting installed in the back spoiler integrated with LCD panel located next to the driver, in the driver’s cabin.

    The driver receives higher comfort of work by limiting the risk of damaging a vehicle.

  • Doors Integrated with the Driver’s Cabin

    One of the advantages of LAMBox bodyworks integrated with the driver’s cabin. Light and approved door co-create a subdivision wall – product approved by PIMOT.

  • 750 kg Tail Lift

    A tail lift in LAMBox bodyworks is a popular combination which is being used more and more often by the delivery companies. The reason for choosing such solution is, among others, the need for: :

    • increasing the loading and unloading possibilities,
    • shortening time of routine actions,
    • increasing comfort of work,
    • increasing an opportunity of maximum use of the entire bodywork,
    • loading of large-scale goods.
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