Adaptation of a van - Courier vehicle -

Adaptation of a van

Courier vehicle

We added vans interior adaptation option to the range of solutions for delivery vehicles. This offer is designed for vehicles of all makes with elevated roof. Higher driver’s mobility, time savings, easy access to the loading space – these are just few of the many advantages of our solution. Our solutions for the driver.

Courier vehicle – 6 folding shelves: functional and convenient solution

A fixed element of loading space equipment are two rows of shelves available in several modules. They stabilize the cargo and make it easier to organize and keep in order the loading space. When folded it is possible to transport larger size items. Entire structure is custom-made, which means it is tailored to the specifics of the interior of specific make vehicle.

Samochód kurierski - półki w furgonie

Greater driver’s mobility and increased work comfort

Valuable and practical solution are also the solid, light-weight, aluminium sliding doors (in the dividing wall) integrated with driver’s cabin. They ensure greater comfort during routine activities and make it easier for the driver to access the loading area and shelves. Also the special hole in cab’s roofis helpful here which enables the driver to straighten up.

Resistance: load capacity up to 100 kg per 1 m2

Courier vehicle bodywork is a solution with specific requirements – it has to cope with the hardest tasks and be helpful for the driver. That is why the shelves have a load capacity up to 100 kg per 1 m2. Their folding functionality is based on pneumatic actuators and the fastening depends on the width of the interior. Depth of the shelves is designed individually.

Samochód kurierski - Półki do furgonu

Target customers

The structure with such a set-up serves great as a courier vehicle. Offers of the producers on the Polish market enable to arrange even 19.6 m3 of the loading space. Such a versatile business partner will be also perfect for the broadly defined logistic industry

Additional equipment

  • Quick Fixing Point

    The goods fixing system increases daily flexibility in the way the goods are secured against undesired movement. The driver also receives unlimited space to attach the fixing points. Durability and resistance to accidental

  • Backup Camera

    Backup camera constitutes an additional equipment in the process of adapting the van. It is used during manoeuvring vehicles in any direction. A small setting installed in the back spoiler integrated with LCD panel located next to the driver, in the driver’s cabin. The driver receives the higher comfort of work by limiting the risk of damaging a vehicle.

  • Doors Integrated with the Driver’s Cabin

    One of the advantages of LAMBox bodyworks integrated with the driver’s cabin. Light and approved door co-create a subdivision wall – product approved by PIMOT.

Marki kompatybilne z produktem

Moduł Specyfika Wymiary [mm]
A1 Szerokość półki górnej od 2000*
A2 Głębokość półki górnej od 400*
A3 Szerokość półki dolnej od 2000*
A4 Głębokość półki dolnej od 500*
Moduł Specyfika Wymiary [mm]
B1 Szerokość półki górnej od 1000*
B2 Głębokość półki górnej od 400*
B3 Szerokość półki dolnej od 1000*
B4 Głębokość półki dolnej od 500*