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Courier Truck

Courier truck is the latest solution based on LAMBox vehicle body mainly intended for courier companies and postal services.

The LAMAR courier trucks provide the comfort and convenience for the driver.

The vehicle body features the shelf system for easy access to the packages and shipments. Sliding door behind the driver’s seat provide quick access to small items, so as to minimize the courier’s delivery time. Side sliding door means a quick access to the cargo area, especially in places where there is not a lot of space for parking.

In addition, a low threshold for loading and central lock, as well as extra space in the cab through installing alcove-type body, make moving around the mobile shipment warehouse even easier and more enjoyable. No longer will you have to penetrate throughout the whole cargo area to find a particular shipment, thus the delivery will be more efficient and faster.

Save time for 2 hours per day!

Additional equipment

  • Load Fixing Bars

    Load fixing bars mean larger functional benefits outside of the vehicle. Very often it happens that the kind of transported goods (e.g. chests, small containers) requires better security for example against undesirable movement. Investment in practical load fixing bars seems legitimate. Their number depends on individual needs. Bars are fixed in a rounded slat.

    The rule of operation has been presented in the following video:

  • Quick Fixing Point

    The goods fixing system increases daily flexibility in the way the goods are secured against undesired movement. The driver also receives unlimited space to attach the fixing points. Durability and resistance to accidental

  • Backup Camera

    Backup camera constitutes an additional equipment in the process of adapting the van. It is used during manoeuvring vehicles in any direction. A small setting installed in the back spoiler integrated with LCD panel located next to the driver, in the driver’s cabin. The driver receives the higher comfort of work by limiting the risk of damaging a vehicle.

  • Doors Integrated with the Driver’s Cabin

    One of the advantages of LAMBox bodyworks integrated with the driver’s cabin. Light and approved door co-create a subdivision wall – product approved by PIMOT.

Marki kompatybilne z produktem

A Wheelbase 4035
D Vehicle width 2100
B Vehicle length 7062
C Total vehicle height 2930
E Loading threshold 665
Loading part [mm]
K Internal width 2036
H Internal height 2280
L Internal length 4300
Z Width of module A 1320
X Width of module B 1020
Y Depth of module A/B 500 / 620 **
N Width between shelves 1095 / 855 **
Volume 20 m3
Alcove (height x width) 640 x 2100
Height of the step 350
S Width of the side door 860
R Weight 2425 kg*
G Carrying capacity of shelves module A/B 80 kg / mb