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Boxes with Canvas

Ergonomy in whole detail

The so called “international superstructure” (in Polish “międzynarodówka”) is a popular term for a platform with tarpaulin installed on commercial delivery vehicles, This is one of the most popular products of LAMAR company, especially in its full version which is complemented by LAMAR sleeping cabin together with parking heater. Clients appreciate the fact that they can adjust the platform with tarpaulin to their own needs. With additional equipment the platform bodywork will be even more attractive and functional.

Burtofirana LAMAR

Boxes with Canvas – range of possibilities

Platform-based bodyworks are versatile products with high adaptability options. Depending on the type of business activities it is possible to adapt one of several variants such as: slide curtain or curtain, two-sided or one-sided – with tarpaulin fastened with customs secure fastening rope – with height adjustment or three-level model – with sliding roof or aluminium rear doors, etc. “As light as a feather” LAMAR platform-based bodyworks are fully made of aluminium thanks to which we achieve lowest possible weight with maximum functionality. The intermediate frame made of aluminium profiles is bolted which makes it possible to reduce the lead time for entire order. It does not require welding as in the case of intermediate steel frame which is substantially heavier.

Adjustment option

Additional equipment for Lamar platform-based bodyworks are roof height adjustment options. We offer two solutions: lever-based adjustment and actuator-based adjustment.

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Adjustment option LAMAR - Canvas and boxes

Sliding roof system LAMAR canvas and boxes

Sliding roof system

Additional equipment for Lamar platform-based bodyworks are roof height adjustment options. We offer two solutions: lever-based adjustment and actuator-based adjustment.

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Every day drivers carry out loading and unloading of goods and they expect comfort of work and high quality of execution. Who will choose double wing doors or roll tarpaulin? Why such choice? Here is a short review of possibilities of each option. Detailed guide on how to choose appropriate locking option is available here.

Skrzynie z plandeką plandeka rolowana LAMAR
Skrzynie z plandeką z windą -
Drzwi kontenerowe LAMAR skrzynie z plandeką
Skrzynie z plandeką drzwi aluminiowe

Additional equipment

  • Axial Bodyworks

    One of the most popular accessories for a boxes with canvas. The most important features of the product are:

    • improvement of driving comfort by optimizing the vehicle’s aerodynamics (especially with loaded trailer),
    • )increase in fuel consumption (by min. 2.5%) by reducing air resistance.

    The element that increases visual aspects is above-standard painting with any metallic paint (acrylic in the standard). Axial bodyworks are also mounted in a container truck body.

    *data based on external researchznych

  • Kratownica zabezpieczająca kabinę kierowcy

    Aby uchronić kabinę kierowcy przed potencjalnym przemieszczaniem się ładunku w zabudowie skrzyniowej montujemy lekką kratownicę aluminiową.

  • Inspection Window

    Character of transported loads frequently determines choosing particular solutions. Even to maintain the comfort of work and safety during transport.

    If we want to control the load located in the cargo area, our solution is using tarpaulin with an inspection hole. Both national and international drivers decide to use this practical option – made of transparent foil.

  • Tool boxes

    43 l 43-litre tool box constitutes a standard element of each LAMAR truck bodies.
    It allows collecting small tools and very often with two items it constitutes an independent tool boxes.
    63 l img 63-litre tool box gives possibility to equip it with above-standard equipment and everyday accessories. It streamlines everyday work allowing to obtain additional space for organizing tools and transporting necessary accessories.
    85 l 85-litre tool box constitutes almost twice the capacity of the basic model. It is extremely durable and made of high-quality materials.
    160 l The thermoformed tool box plays double role – place for collecting tools and accessories and a aerodynamic axial bodies.
    Closing and opening the tool box is convenient and the inside is easy to maintain.

    Tool boxes are available at our on-line shop together with the assembly sets.

  • CB Radio

    For many drivers CB Radio is becoming a standard equipment of a vehicle. President Teddy model of output power of 3 W constitutes a perfect response to everyday needs of a delivery car driver, on national and international roads.

    The radio has been equipped in ASC (automatic sound control).

  • Curtains for the Driver’s Cabin

    Set of curtains for the delivery car. Curtains in the driver’s cabin improve the functional features of the interior. Made of durable material they do not let sun light in creating this way a nice place to rest. Upon assembling, the curtains are moved on a rail.

  • Sliding Roof System

    A sliding roof is used by companies that transport large goods. The aluminium construction in most cases is a supplement to a curtain or a slide curtain.

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