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Aluminium containers

Aluminium containers are a structure designed primarily for transporting furniture, distributing packages or household appliances. The advantage of the body is its strength. A big advantage is the adjustable back spoiler. Depending on the item to be transported, we offer our customers dedicated equipment.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the details!

Load compartment

As is the case with boxes with canvas and insulated containers, the core of the body is an intermediate frame bolted on both sides and a floor made of waterproof plywood. Inside, there are plywood strips on all three walls to protect the container walls from denting or damage.

An accessory which increases the practical value of the interior is felt lining of the walls – it reduces the risk of damaging the valuable cargo and the body plating covered with dense ribbing.

A popular feature for customers are load securing strips. They give the possibility of full control over the carried load, previously fastened with straps or separated with lashing rods.

Rear spoiler adapted to the body

The rear spoiler is designed to perfectly match the body width.

The attractive embossing, the LED lights, the striking design, the integrated stop light and the optional rear-view camera are all features that distinguish our solutions.

Przesuwny dach LAMAR skrzynia z plandeką

Additional equipment

It enhances usability and allows the vehicle to be tailored to individual requirements. It creates the image of a versatile vehicle.

Every driver appreciates the solutions which improve everyday ergonomics, comfort of work and which give a guarantee of transporting cargo in safe conditions. Find out more about the offer!

Additional equipment

  • Felt lining

    The upholstery of the aluminium sheathing itself must guarantee the safety of the loads carried. What increases the practicality of the interior is upholstery rather than gluing.

    The use of such a material eliminates potential damage caused by shocks during the journey.

  • bull rings for securing the cargo to the floor

    Depending on the needs and nature of the load to be transported, the interior can be fitted with up to 8 lashing points (4 on each side).

    Manufactured from galvanised steel, the lashing points help to stabilise loads which are previously wrapped with straps to prevent movement.

  • LAMAR toolboxes

    Wymiary (mm)
    410x330x340 A toolbox with a capacity of 43 litres allows storing small tools and often in double set up creates two independent boxes.
    500x350x400 With a capacity of 63 litres, the box can be fitted with more than enough equipment and accessories for everyday use.
    750x360x350 t improves everyday work by providing additional space for organising tools and transporting necessary accessories.

    With a capacity of 85 litres, it almost doubles the capacity of the basic model. The product is extremely durable and made of high quality materials.

  • Aerodynamic inter-axle bodies

    Inter-axle body

    One of the popular accessories for retrofitting bodywork. The main advantages of this product are:

    • improved driving comfort through optimised vehicle aerodynamics (especially with a loaded load), reduction of fuel consumption (by min. 2.5 %*) by reducing air resistance.
    • A visually enhancing element is the above standard metallic paint (acrylic as standard). The inter-axle bodies are also fitted with container bodies.

    *data based on internal tests

  • LED interior lighting

    Standard equipment of the aluminium container is a transparent roof – illuminating the interior. To improve working comfort and visibility at times of day with limited light, we recommend the installation of multi-point LED lighting.

  • Retractable and folding pantograph steps

    Tilt back staircase

    They improve everyday ergonomics and working comfort. They are practical and comfortable to use – these are the main features that distinguish the folding stairs available in aluminium. Made of galvanised steel, they are mounted at the rear closure.

    Thanks to them, loading products (including heavy ones) into the interior of the container becomes much simpler.

    Functional principle of the stairs:

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